Interpretation and Translation


The Iowa International Center has been a leader in providing interpretation and translation services in Iowa for more than 30 years. With more than 120 interpreters and translators fluent in over 60 languages and dialects, we help medical clinics, government agencies, schools, non-profit organizations, businesses and individuals overcome language barriers so that limited English proficient (LEP) individuals can receive essential care, training and services.

Translation Services (written)

Are you looking for assistance in converting a written or printed document in another language into English, or from English into another language?
Iowa International Center translators frequently translate documents such as:

  • Birth/marriage certificates and other legal documents
  • Brochures, fliers and corporate marketing materials
  • School diplomas/transcripts
  • Business correspondence and application forms for various services
  • Human Resource and Employee Training manuals


Translation Costs

Costs for translation vary based on the characteristics of each document, including word count, language, technicality of terms and formatting required. In order to provide you with a cost estimate, we will first need to review the material to be translated. Once we receive your document(s), we will review them, prepare a cost and timing estimate and obtain your approval before proceeding with the translation.


Request A Translation

In order to request a translation please send us a clear copy of the original document(s), along with your name, phone number, and/or email address. Documents can be:

  • Emailed to translation@iowainternationalcenter.org
  • Faxed to (515) 282-0454
  • Delivered to our office at 3839 Merle Hay Road, Suite 259, Des Moines IA 50310
  • Submit your translation request online 


Note: For translations of official documents such as birth and marriage certificates for immigration purposes, we do provide certified translations, including notarization.


Interpretation Services (oral)

If you need help communicating with a limited English speaker either in person at an appointment or by phone, the Iowa International Center can help.

Our interpreters regularly interpret at the following types of appointments within a 20-mile radius of the Des Moines metro area:

  • Medical appointments and procedures
  • Parent-teacher meetings and conferences
  • Social service appointments
  • Employee meetings and training
  • Immigration interviews
  • Business meetings
  • Court hearings, depositions, and other legal meetings

Interpretation Costs

The hourly interpretation fee for most appointments is $55-$70, depending upon language. A minimum one hour charge applies for all appointments. After the first hour, time is billed in quarter hours. There is no charge for travel time for appointments occurring within the Des Moines metro area. For assignments outside the Des Moines area, travel charges apply. Please contact the Iowa International Center for details.

Request An Interpreter

In order to request an interpreter please fill out the Interpretation Request form with the details of your appointment, or:

  • Email us at translation@iowainternationalcenter.org
  • Call us at (515) 282-8269 ext. 16
  • Fax us at (515) 282-0454




Amharic Hungarian Portuguese
Anyuk Italian Romanian
Arabic Japanese Russian
Arabic (Sudanese) Jola-Kasa Serbian
Bosnian Kalenjin Somali
Bulgarian Karen Spanish
Burmese Kinyamulenge Sudanese (Bor, Ngok, Rek, Agar, Twic)
Cantonese Kinyarwanda Swahili (Kiswahili)
Chin (Falam, Hakha, Mizo, Zomi) Korean Tagalog
Chulluk Kunama Tai Dam
Croatian Lao Telugu
Dinka Maay Maayu Thai
Farsi Malay Tigrinya
Filipino Moldovan Ukrainian
German Nepali Urdu
Hindi Nuer Vietnamese
Hmong Oromanya (Ethiopian) Wolof

This list is not exhaustive. Please contact us for any translation need; we would be happy to
review your document(s) and provide you with a cost and timing estimate.



Additional Resources



Contact Elyse Pate, International Language Programs Manager, at 515-282-8269, ext. 16, or epate@iowainternationalcenter.org.
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