Why Donate?

Your gift is an investment in welcoming the world to Iowa in many ways!  

The Iowa International Center, the oldest and most respected international agency in Iowa, recently celebrated 75 years of work in building cultural respect and understanding in our community one person at at time.

Click here to make an investment in the important work of the Iowa International Center today. 


Why Does the Iowa International Center Need Your Support?

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  • Gifts of support to the Iowa International Center help ensure that refugees, immigrants and emerging global leaders can have successful experiences here and build lasting, mutually beneficial relationships with business leaders and community members.
  • Refugees arriving in Iowa today have far less assistance with rent, educational opportunities and finding a job than they did under the leadership of former Governor Robert Ray more than a generation ago.
    The demand for interpretation services, multilingual resources and English education opportunities is only growing in our community.  Now more than ever, private support is needed for the work we do in serving new Iowans with emergency interpretation services, free multilingual resources online at Welcometoiowa.org in 80 languages, and Accessible ESL classes where refugees and immigrants live in Des Moines.
  • The Iowa International Center is home to central Iowa’s largest network of interpretation and translation resources, and we serve our community at more than 300 critical appointments for limited and non-English speakers in central Iowa every month.  Without ongoing support from our community, we could not maintain this network that benefits thousands of people, organizations, clinics, service providers and local businesses each year.
  • The Iowa International Center hosts more than 150 visitors each year, through our Sehgal Foundation International Visitors Center and in partnership with the U.S. Department of State and other national agencies.  These visits are not recreational; they are meaningful, carefully developed professional education programs that show emerging global leaders in industries like agribusiness, human rights, law, construction, and politics the amazing resources and people of Iowa.  These visits from international professionals have a lasting impact not only for them, but for the Iowa professionals who engage with them during their visits, and relationships, memories and best practices follow them home after their program is complete.


Click here to make an investment in the important work of the Iowa International Center today. 


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