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Iowa International Center Dialogue Series Program,
“Coming to Iowa: The Shared Stories and Individual Experiences of Local Refugees,”

 The Dialogue Series program, “Coming to Iowa: The Shared Stories and
Individual Experiences of Local Refugees,”
presented by the Iowa International Center (IIC)
and Meredith Corporation (NYSE: MDP;, which was postponed on Tuesday,
February 2, due to inclement weather, has now been rescheduled for
Tuesday, February 9, from Noon to 1:00 p.m. in the
Meredith Conference Core at 1716 Locust Street in Des Moines.

The free cultural program is open to the public.

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Celebrating A Successful Year of
Welcoming The World to Iowa: Annual Impact Report

IIC Accomplishments Summary 2015 into 2016

Iowa International Center Will Continue  To Support Refugees With Critical Services

IIC Executive Director Dr. Judy Conlin shares with WOI TV’s Amanda Krenz about how the organization plans to continue to offer critical resources to refugees.

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A Statement from the Iowa International Center

The Iowa International Center strongly supports providing opportunities and resources for Syrian refugees in Iowa. Founded in 1938 to support refugees fleeing barbaric intolerance, the Iowa International Center has continued its mission to support refugees . . . first from Germany and Poland, then from Southeast Asia, from Bosnia and Sudan, Congo and Eritrea, Iraq and Afghanistan, Somalia, Bhutan and Burma. The refugee crisis in Syria — the sheer numbers of families fleeing the terror of
ISIS — is larger than anything the world has ever witnessed.
Why, at a time of greatest need, would Iowa take down the welcome sign that former Governor Ray put up? Why, when the suffering of innocent people is so great, would we not have the courage to stand up and be counted among the very people to offer hope?

The Iowa International Center established the Governor Ray Resource Initiative to provide essential resources for refugees: accessible classes in English; a 24/7 free emergency interpretation hotline in 220 languages; interpretation and translation services in over 60 languages; the resource website in 80 languages. These resources enable new Iowans to reach for the same dreams we all do: safety, jobs, homes and happy families.

We will continue to build those resources and to be, at our core, a place of service and hope. We would call on all Iowans to be a place that is genuinely and courageously welcoming to refugees from all parts of the world.

Join us in expressing support and hope for Syrian and other refugees seeking aid around the world by sharing this message with friends, family and our current state leaders. Although there are conflicting points of view about how best to go about serving refugees, there seems to be no conflict about our shared goal: to be a state that is welcoming and of service to people in need.


Dr. Judith A. Conlin
Executive Director, Iowa International Center

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Iowa International Center’s Emergency Interpretation Program Featured in Des Moines Register 

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Iowa International Center’s Accessible ESL 
Program Featured on WHO TV 13

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From WHO TV 13 and Erin Kiernan…”A special group of students has come to Iowa from all over the world. Few arrived with much more than the clothes on their backs and most didn’t know a single word of English…