Sehgal Foundation International Visitors Center



The Iowa International Center is delighted to announce the establishment of the Sehgal  Foundation International Visitors Center. Thanks to a grant from the Sehgal Foundation, the Iowa International Center has established the Center for International Visitors that will support our commitment to connecting emerging leaders from around the world with Iowans through a series of receptions and learning opportunities. The Center will enable Iowans to build new partnerships on a professional level, develop new friendships on a personal level and create new learning opportunities on an educational level.

Iowa International Center annually hosts a wide variety of global leaders, from Germany, Portugal, Morocco, China, Indonesia, Algeria, the United Arab Emirates, Turkey, Sweden, Italy, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Finland, Kazakhstan, Moldova, Turkmenistan, Yemen, the UK, Burma, and more. Leaders selected to travel to Des Moines enjoy professional programming on topics such as food safety and public health, the U.S. electoral system, intellectual property rights, biotechnology regulations, veterinary practices, and agribusiness. IVLP generates almost $1 million annually in revenue for the state of Iowa.

Thanks to the Sehgal Foundation International Visitors Center, Iowans can look forward to more opportunities to meet the world’s current and up-and-coming leaders, such as members of Parliament, top journalists and editors, heads of research programs in energy and food safety and executives of multinational corporations.

More information on international visitors can be found here.

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