Information for Interpreters/Translators

The Iowa International Center continually seeks to recruit interpreters and translators for a wide variety of languages. If you would like to apply to work with the Iowa International Center, please review this information carefully.

At this time we are particularly interested in the following languages:

Burmese Karen Karenni Chin – Mizo
Cambodian Cantonese Korean (and other Chin
Dinka Mabaan Nuer dialects)
Swahili Spanish Amharic  Bosnian
Tagalog Tigrinya Kunama  Somali



In hiring interpreters and translators, the Iowa International Center considers the following qualifications essential:

  • Fluency in English and another language at a level equivalent to at least a bachelor’s degree in each language.
  • Knowledge of the culture of the United States and the culture(s) of your other language(s).
  • Prior experience or clear potential as an interpreter or translator.
  • Demonstrated professional conduct and ethics in some field (not necessarily interpretation/translation).
  • Dedication to advancing your knowledge of interpretation and translation ethics and protocol.

We understand that some bilingual individuals are eager to begin serving their community as an interpreter/translator, but have not yet had an opportunity to gain experience in the field. If you are one of these individuals, we welcome your application.


To Apply

Please complete our Interpreter & Translator Application Form (see links below) and submit it by email to translation@iowainternationalcenter.org, by fax to 515.282.0454 or by mail/in person at the address at the bottom of this web page. We also appreciate receiving a copy of your resume.

In addition, if you are interested in working as a translator, please provide a sample of your translation work.

Download Interpreter & Translator Application Form (Word)

Download Interpreter & Translator Application Form (PDF)

Once we receive your application, if your language(s) and qualifications meet our needs, we will contact you to arrange an interview.

Independent Contractor Status

All interpreters and translators who work with the Iowa International Center are independent contractors. As an independent contractor, you are not employed full-time, and you have the flexibility to accept the appointments that fit within your schedule.


Opportunities for Interpreters

As an Iowa International Center interpreter, you will have the opportunity to work in a variety of settings according to your skill level and experience. Our interpreters regularly interpret at medical appointments, depositions and other legal meetings, court hearings, parent-teacher meetings, social service appointments, immigration interviews and business meetings.

Interpreters often serve the most vulnerable members of our community, including the sick, the disabled, the very young and the very old. Iowa International Center interpreters must be willing and able to serve the community ethically and effectively, demonstrating the utmost respect for these individuals.


Opportunities for Translators

The Iowa International Center’s translators frequently translate documents such as birth & marriage certificates, brochures, fliers and other marketing materials, web content, legal documents, school diplomas/transcripts, application forms for various services, business correspondence and training manuals.

If you are applying to work as a translator, we ask that you submit a sample of your work, including both the source document and target document. The Iowa International Center seeks translators who not only translate accurately, but also capture the spirit of the writer and message.


Professional Development

The Iowa International Center is committed to the professional development of its interpreters and translators. Thanks to DMACC and Prairie Meadows, we have been able to offer training workshops free to its interpreters/translators and will continue to do so as resources remain available. We will share information about these and other training opportunities as they arise.


Contact Elyse Pate, International Language Programs Manager, at 515.282.8269, ext.16, or epate@iowainternationalcenter.org.

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