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A FREE and critical resource for information about living, working and thriving in Iowa in 80 languages online.

The Iowa International Center offers the web site welcometoiowa.org as a comprehensive web-based information portal to benefit new Iowans who are limited English speakers. The site is a clearinghouse of information regarding employment opportunities, healthcare information, financial resources, housing information, education, English classes and more.

Information on welcometoiowa.org can be translated into 80 different languages, by allowing the user to select from the menu of languages powered by Google Translate in the upper right hand corner of the page.

The Iowa International Center provides welcometoiowa.org as a service that benefits ALL Iowans- including new Iowans, service providers, neighbors, community leaders and others who work directly to serve the needs of new immigrants and refugees.

With support and input from our community, the site will continue to grow as a virtual multicultural center in Iowa!

The Iowa International Center regularly refreshes and reviews content on welcometoiowa.org, in partnership with local and regional businesses, organizations, direct service providers and community leaders. We appreciate our community’s ongoing support of this valuable resource, which directly helps those who have few other places to turn for essential information about life in Iowa in their native language.

Please visit welcometoiowa.org and send thoughts on content and user experience to let us know what more we can do to serve the immigrant and refugee community in Iowa though this multilingual online resource.

A Response to the January 27, 2017 Executive Order

Since 1938 with the arrival of refugees from Germany and Poland, the Iowa International Center has welcomed refugees and immigrants to Iowa. We do so today. The Executive Order banning immigrants from seven Muslim –majority countries and refugees from around the world from traveling to the United States is disheartening and divisive. It takes away courage and hope from so many.

The Iowa International Center, along with our fellow Iowans, make Iowa a place of welcome and opportunity and where character counts. We stand for people and perseverance.  Now, more than ever, organizations that assist and advocate for immigrants and refugees need support! Stand for hope. Stand with refugees and immigrants. Stand together.  Stand with us.  Here’s what you can do now:

  • Donate:  Iowa International Center
  • Speak Out:  Contact your elected representatives.
  • Pray:   Interfaith Prayer Service in Support of Refugees and Immigrants  Sunday, February 5, 2-4 pm  Location: North High School
  • Stay Informed:  Like us on Facebook.


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