Welcome to Iowa Guide



The Welcome to Iowa Guide was a key part of the Iowa International Center’s work to create a centralized multilingual access point for individuals and entities to the international resources Iowa has available and provide organizations and entities in Iowa with enhanced access to those who are served by their mission. The Welcome to Iowa resources we provide accomplishes the mission of welcoming the world to Iowa through a systematic collaborative network accessed through a state-wide written resource guide, published through the Des Moines Business Record and a dynamic, searchable web site with current information and links in 80 languages.

Printed in eight languages, the International Guide to Iowa helped connect newcomers to the resources they need to make a smooth transition, thus embodying the aim of Welcome to Iowa. Iowa’s first multilingual international guide was distributed across the state, providing a valuable resource to those looking to live, work and raise a family in the state. In addition to basic emergency services and general needs, the guide included information regarding employment opportunities, educational services and medical services.

The most current information from Welcome to Iowa Resources can be found online at www.welcometoiowa.org. 

Click here to access an online version of the Welcome to Iowa Guide. 

Click here to download a PDF Version of the Welcome to Iowa Guide.

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