Lomoro was born in 1985 in Sudan. As a very young child Lomoro would walk on foot a hundred miles in order to go to school, returning only briefly to see his family over holidays. The Civil War caused the family to flee to a Refugee Camp in Uganda. Lomoro applied for a scholarship and was selected to attend high school in Costa Rica. In 2009 Lomoro came to Iowa to attend college at Wartburg. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in both Chemistry and Physics and is applying his knowledge at T.P.I Co in Newton where he is involved in the design and building of windmill structures that produce wind power.

Throughout his student and adult life, Lomoro has continuously contributed to the needs of others. While at Wartburg he applied for and received a $10,000 grant to build latrines in South Sudan. He was especially concerned about girls who typically dropped out of school at puberty because there were no accommodations for their menstrual cycle. Next, he applied and received a grant to help women buy sewing machines, believing as he does in the importance of women achieving their own economic independence. Here in Iowa, Lomoro is continuously giving of his time to help others, as a volunteer coordinator for his church garden, producing fruits and vegetables for local food pantries, serving as an Arabic interpreter for those who cannot speak English, taking people to doctor appointments, helping others to prepare for their driver’s license exams and their citizenship exams.