Our Mission: 

We build cultural respect at home and around the world one person at a time.

Founded in 1938, the Iowa International Center began by welcoming and providing safety for refugees fleeing Germany and Poland.  For almost 75 years, the Iowa International Center has been providing personal and professional opportunities linking Iowans with peoples from around the world.

Over time, the name of the organization, its staff, volunteers and locations have experienced changes even as its essential goal – connecting people and changing lives– has remained unchanged.  

The focus of the Iowa International Center is to provide access to international resources to Iowans, new Iowans, and international visitors to Iowa.  The overarching impact provides economic and leadership development resulting in Iowa being a more inclusive and welcoming place to live, work and raise a family.  The legacy of Elinor Robson, the founder and first Director of the Center, lives on through the Robson award, the highest award bestowed by our organization.

Providing an extensive interpretation and translation service through an ever increasing number of languages, more than 60 languages and dialects and over 100 interpretersWith more than 75 years of experience the Iowa International Center  is uniquely positioned and equipped to provide effective and efficient access to international resources in four distinct ways:

Ray Video Screen Shot

Currently, the Iowa International Center is engaged in a three-year campaign to rebuild resources and create educational opportunities for new Iowans – an effort we call the Ray Resource Initiative.  Former Governor Ray and his wife, Billie, are an important part of the Iowa International Center’s celebration of more than 75 years of service.  They represent a legacy of work in welcoming and improving the lives of new immigrants and refugees, so that they can prosper economically and raise their families to thrive in Iowa.  Support systems once seen for new Iowans from around the world under Governor’s Ray’s leadership no longer exist, and the Iowa International Center, in collaboration with our community and supporters, is working to raise $750,000 in support between now and 2016 to ensure our ability to provide multilingual resources, Accessible ESL classes, emergency interpretation services, as well as community-based cultural education programs. 

Click here to watch an inspiring message from Governor Robert Ray about the Iowa International Center.